GoDogGo ®


What is the difference between the Standard G4 and the Smaller JUNIOR?

The primary difference between the two machines are the size and launch distance. The G4 at 43 cm height can launch  4-6,4 cm  balls up to  14+ m  depending on the type of ball. The GoDogGo JUNIOR will  launch  balls  3,8  –  5,7  cm  from  3-12+  m  and  stands  at  a  35  cm  height.

Is GoDogGo Automatic?

Yes. GoDogGo is totally automatic. Once you turn the unit on it may be set to run endlessly until your pup is pooped or intermittently with the remote control. It is not necessary to use the remote however to operate your GoDogGo.

How do I train my dog to use GoDogGo?

Many dogs quickly learn to return the ball to the inside of the bucket. This allows for continuous fetch so your dog can play with or without you. Others prefer to load the bucket full and simply return the balls to the front of the machine.

Is GoDogGo safe for use with my dog?

GoDogGo® ball launcher is not a child's toy and balls launch at high speeds. It is recommended to monitor your dog's waiting location and to teach your dog where to stand upon first use. Do not touch the safety sensor or kicking mechanism when the machine is on. Never allow your dog to take from or replace a ball to the launch pocket area.

How many balls fit into the bucket of GoDogGo?

17 standard tennis balls – 6,4 cm and 23 small – 4 cm fit into the G4 GoDogGo. 23 – 4 cm small tennis balls fit into the New GoDogGo Junior. GoDogGo DOES NOT work with 7,6 or 10 cm balls.

Can GoDogGo be used indoors?

GoDogGo G4 is recommended for OUTDOOR USE due to the speed, height and distance of the ball launch. With a pressurized or hi-bounce ball, GoDogGo has a minimum launch height of approximately 4 m. Many customers use GoDogGo indoors by using a heavy and/or hollow ball that is not pressurized which will help to reduce the launch. GoDogGo JR. works great either INDOORS or OUT. With a minimum launch height of 2,7 m and 4-12 m distance, the JR. is an excellent choice for either indoors or out. Launch height is based on using the machine on low setting and with  4 cm  thick wall ball that comes with GoDogGo JR.

Does GoDogGo work on batteries and how long do they typically last?

Each GoDogGo® G4 Fetch Machine runs on an AC Adapter and Battery Power. If using battery power, GoDogGo will run for approximately 25 hours on 6 D batteries  (Junior  –  C batteries)  depending on which distance setting you have chosen. The highest setting greatly reduces battery life.

What is the warranty for GoDogGo?

Every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine comes with a 24-month Limited Warranty.

Can I buy replacement parts for GoDogGo?

Yes, we offer a full replacement parts list such as spring & pull-ring, kicker & pin as well as sensor
switch, AC adapter and remote.