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GoDogGo ® G4 Fetch Machine

Product Code: GDG_G4
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Price: 179.00€

Why GoDogGo?

Because good quality, works with a variety of ball sizes, bucket for more balls, the ball does not shoot straight out into your Dog!

GoDogGo® G4 Fetch Machine is produced to superior standards with only the highest quality materials, components & features to insure the best & safest game of fetch. GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher may soon be YOUR dog's next best friend! GoDogGo interactive ball toy is designed with an Automatic Sensor & Safety Switch with Auto Stop Feature so GoDogGo will NOT run, rotate or launch unless a ball is in the ready position. Every GoDogGo Remote Fetch Machine toy operates on both AC Adapter and Battery Power. GoDogGo has 3 distance settings of low, medium and high for use Indoors and Outdoors in large and small fetch reas. GoDogGo G4 launches 5 -15+ m, depending on ball type, size, material and condition (see table below), at 4, 7 or 15 seconds intervals when bucket is fully loaded; when a single ball is used, there is a safety delay of either 4, 7 or 15 seconds before the ball is back in play. With the remote control, you can also set the interval yourself or use anytime the "Auto Launch" Button (Note for dog trainers: after pressing the button "Auto Launch" the ball is thrown after 4 seconds!) GoDogGo works with many different ball styles, brands and sizes.

GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher & Thrower is an on demand interactive ball machine for fetch-crazy dogs!  GoDogGo Fetch Machine works with a VARIETY of ball styles & sizes 4 - 6,4 cm for Small, Medium & Large dogs. New sloped bucket is designed for dogs for easy independent, interactive fetch & wider lip for easy, comfortable transport. Arc pattern launches ball upwards & out away from unit to insure safest game of automatic dog fetch. Ball does not shoot straight out.

GoDogGo is the highest quality Fetch Machine & most superior functioning automatic ball launcher for dogs on the market. GoDogGo® Remote Fetch Machine is the answer to unwanted slobbery balls and relentless ball-crazy dogs. Our revolutionary, patented and interactive game of fetch allows you to custom set GoDogGo automatic ball thrower to your dog's ability and exercise rate.

► Before you purchase this item! Please be aware that this Automatic Ball Thrower emits a whirring sound when it’s in the process of launching a ball and a notable ‘thud’ when it actually launches a ball. Therefore GoDogGo may not be suitable for sound sensitive dogs! 

Shipping Information

Description and functions:

  • G4 Gear System & Motor for Smoother, Quieter, Longer Game of Fetch.
  • Automatic Sensor & Safety Switch with AUTO STOP Feature – Longer & More Sensitive Switch better recognizes ball-ready position & works with different ball sizes & types. For Pet/Owner Safety & Motor Longevity, motor will NOT run & kicking mechanism will NOT launch unless a ball is in ready position.
  • Longer AC Adapter type “C” for EU, Cord 3m. 2 Power Sources; each unit can be run on both AC Adapter or Battery Power/D Batteries.
  • Fully Operational with Small, Medium & Standard Size Balls in various Ball Styles, Materials & Brands.
  • 3 settings for Variable Launch Distance (5 - 15 m depending on ball type and size)
  • G4 Power Optimizer - Longer Battery Life 25+ hour fetch time when used on battery power. Each unit operates on AC and Battery Power (D Batteries).
  • Intuitive Operating System with High-Functioning PC Board.
  • Remote Control operates 23m from GoDogGo.
  • 2 Years warranty

In Box:

  • GoDogGo® Fetch machine
  • Remote Control incl. batteries
  • AC Adapter Europlug „C″
  • 3 Standard Tennis Balls 
  • Owner's Manual Booklet complete with Care, Operation, Set-up & Training Information (English, Germany


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