Questions and answers.

How long is the Lishinu leash?
The leash is 3 meters long.

What is the maximum load on a leash?
Breaking point under load is at 70 kg (154 lbs). Continuous forces above 60 kg (132 lbs) might lead to malfunction or failure of Lishinu. We recommend max load no greater than 60 kg.

Does Lishinu have a button for locking the length of the leash so it remains at a certain distance?
No. The leash cannot be put in full lock, but it has an auto lock system which completely removes the need for a button.

Can I walk two dogs at the same time?
We are developing a double leash. This will give a possibility to walk two dogs at the same time.

How does the leash work with a larger breed?
Lishinu has a recommended max load up to 30 kg, but it can take a force of 70 kg.

Will this fit on my wrist?
The Lishinu has an adjustable belt which fits every wrist.