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  Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

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The Snuffle Mat – the interactive toy for dogs and cats

Pets love to snuffle for food or treats and the snuffle mat is the perfect interactive toy for dogs or cats. The sniff for food motivates your pets to hunt the treats and the playing provides lot of fun for your pets. You have to hide only a few treats into the snuffle mat and the play can to be started! Please monitor your pet's at playing with snuffle mat. 

The base is a rubber mat tied with hundreds of pieces of fleece so the treats are hidden but not impossible to find. These European product is hand made from long strips (long 14, wide 3-7 cm) of quality fleece. The area of the snuffel mat is approximately 55x70 cm, the size of the pad is 35x50 cm. Used textiles are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100, tested for toxic substances and produced in an environmentally friendly way. Machine washable at 40°C, 400 spin speed (no fabric conditioner)


  • Lot of fun for your pet at work or play
  • Calm, satisfaction, happiness
  • More confidence
  • Reduce anxiety reaction
  • Conditioning for tracker and rescue dogs
  • Suitable for treatment of nervous dogs
  • Reduce pressure
  • Can be used for all kind of treats


How to use the snuffle mat:

  • Put the snuffle mat on the floor or carpet
  • Put treats in the mat                                     
  • Use dry food or dry treats
  • Use only with adult supervision
  • Not a child’s toy
  • Do not let your puppy or dog chew on the mat
  • Store up and away from your puppy or dog

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